brIn 2011, Seahawks cornerback was the NFL's most penalized player per Football Outsiders' data, with 19 (including declined and offsetting) for 160 yards. Only the Oakland Raiders (who generally guide the union as a matter of lesson had more absolute penalties than Seattle's 167. This daily,amongst two games, Browner has an discipline -- defensive holding -- as five yards. The most penalized Seahawks player so distant Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, with four flags, including three defer of game calls.brbr"You've just got to get used to the game," cornerback Richard Sherman said. "It's an of those things that comes with experience and seeing it,Custom Jerseys. [Chancellor] is so physical and so strong, a lot of the duration it looks prefer a penalty until you tread back and look by it. But when you come across the media and 31's back there [Chancellor's jersey digit I think guys are starting to obtain a reputation back there. We've got three Pro Bowlers back there -- it's hard to obtain open."brbr"You've got to activity smart man," Chancellor said. "You've got to know where to buffet a fellow It's precision, and you've got to obtain it done without getting penalties."brbrSafety Earl Thomas, the most talented membership of that back four, said that the elimination of those ?penalties was a constant point of accent coming into the current season.brbr"The refs are looking for us to arrest he said. "But these guys did a great job of staying aboard altitude and eliminating the mammoth activity Once we take consideration of the seams and posts, we'll be appealing"brbrThat was an adjustment made by the half, to be sure. The Seahawks allowed 211 net yards within the 1st half, and impartial 85 thereafter. The Kolb pedal and the Dallas 1st half may have been the last litmus tests as a defense finally learning how the game is played by an elevated class.brbr"There were equitable a pair of mistakes we made aboard a pair of colossal plays, and we eliminated those," Sherman said. "We got communication attach and we were capable to hook those mistakes."brbr"We found our stride a little bit with what we were doing by the line of scrimmage, and we came off the ball beautifully surrounded the second half,brain guide Pete Carroll concluded. "We needed to convert a bit to obtain a pair more chances. The momentum started, and our guys really took over the game."brbrThe Seahawks have an accompanying day to enjoy that feeling, and they'll need it -- they'll greet Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to CenturyLink field as afterward week's "Monday Night Football" contest. Rodgers, looking to a fit of and show his true colors after two virtuous along his elevated standards) performances this season, poses the sternest test to meeting.brbrIf they can subdue Rodgers and manage Green Bay's high-flying passing crime that longing be again tread taken in alive up to the

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